Value Proposition of Site-Reliability Engineering in a Tale of Two Cities

  • CEO's city - a city in which the mayor is the Chief-Executive Officer (CEO), who is concerned, at least, about sales and profit;
  • CTO's city - a friendship city is governed by the Chief-Technology Officer (CTO), who is concerned about CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operational Expenditure) among others.
  • for the CEO's city, the delivery of the required availability means more sales, consequently, more revenue, and potentially more profit, if the OPEX is under control. More profit perhaps results in a higher CAPEX for the CTO's city;
  • in the CTO's city, the guarantee of the required availability reduces the OPEX — and so potentially increasing the profit of the CEO's city. Complementarily, it enables the focus on investments (CAPEX) in growth and innovation opportunities — once again, positively reflecting in the profit of the CEO's city.




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Alessandro Gerlinger Romero

Alessandro Gerlinger Romero

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